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February Newsletter
I hope you have all survived the horrendous weather, and your roofs and gardens
are still just as they were. The spring flowers are on their way. Whoopee!! Before I
begin on other news I have an apology to make to Rosemary and Pete…I forgot to
include them in January’s Newsletter. So, Rosemary, Pete and Co another Big Thank
You for your wonderful Christmas Decorations. As I have said before, what would
we do without you! Its nice to see our King’s photo displayed at last, but I would like
to see the late Queen’s photo displayed somewhere and not banished to the office.
That’s just my opinion of course…what’s yours?
The AGM will take place on Thursday 29th February. In the Churchill Rooms at 7.30
Admittance to the AGM will be allowed only by presenting your valid Club Card at
the door. No Card No Admittance
NOMINATIONS AND PROPOSALS to be with the Secretary by 15th February. This
will include, Nominations for the Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, and 8
nominations for Committee.
If you want to raise an issue or make a proposal, to the AGM then please put it in
writing and send to the Secretary by 15th February.
Otelli’s Kitchen will NOT be closed between 12th -25th February.
Please insure you display your Car Park Permit when parking at the Club. Your
permit is only valid whilst you are actually at the Club.
EXCESSIVE FOUL LANGUAGE is being heard in the Market Bar and the Committee
ask Members to avoid using swear words. Please respect other Members using the
Bowls and All Club Members
Skittles Night on Friday 9th February. Have you put your name down and if you want
food be quick and order. The Churchill Rooms have been booked for 15th March for
either a Quiz or Skittles.
Quiz Night
Lounge Bar. 8pm Start with Sue. Always the 2nd Wednesday in the month.
Bingo Monday 2pm and Sunday 7pm. Churchill Room.
Poor Louise Grady played to an empty Churchill Room!!!! Everyone sat in the
Lounge! We agreed to have Music twice a month, but I do have a budget to keep
to. So I would appreciate it if you would let me know what you would like to hear
and what you would support by sitting in the Churchill Rooms. Any constructive in-
put I would appreciate, including any comments about the Churchill Room. I have
lined up some favourites for the months ahead. The Jay’s, Haycee and Ant and Dave
will be here. So please a line or two telling me what you want, and signed of course
will be welcome.
Saturday 10th February……Haycee……………Valentine’s Dance,
Saturday 17th February………………..Kaleidoscope…..Duo
Saturday 2nd March………..Dave Howes..The Dave half of Ant & Dave!
Saturday 30th March……..The Jay’s………..Easter Ball
I’m working on a Race Night and hope to slot one in during April!!
Don’t be late for the AGM. Your vote does count. Thank You.
Sandie M