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April Newsletter
Hello Everyone! We hope you are all well and managing to dodge those pesky April showers. It’s a short Newsletter this month.
The Committee believe that they need to do something to improve Club Standards.
It has been agreed to implement the following process.
1. Committee Members to be more proactive and talk to offenders with a Verbal Warning.
2. The Staff will stop serving persistent offenders.
3. The Staff to keep a record of offenders, which will be reviewed at Committee Meetings.
4. Regular offenders will be invited to Committee Discipline Hearings and
banned from the Club.
Notices in the Market Bar have been displayed to inform Members of this
From Colin……I’d like to Thank the “Club Members” that supported our Bowls
Skittles Evenings during the Winter months. No more until October! As for the
forthcoming Bowls season, extensive work on the Green is still ongoing,
therefore it is unlikely that it will be ready to play on until the end of April! As
always we are looking to recruit new Members. “Ladies as well as Men”.
Monday evenings is best time for beginners. All equipment and tuition
supplied. Contact Bowls Secretary Colin on 07890097655.
Tuesday evenings are Club Night.
Better quality cloths are now being put on the snooker tables.
Please remember to put the table covers back on when you have finished
your game.
MONDAY 2pm In the Churchill Room with our ever cheerful duo.
SUNDAY 7.30pm In the Churchill Room with Chick
Join Don and enjoy a bit of all sorts. Churchill Room
Sue will be hosting her monthly Quiz on the second Wednesday of the month
as usual. It is held in the Lounge Bar at 8pm.
One of the questions that comes up on a regular basis is, why are music nights randomly booked. The answer to that is, because we do have a lot of
private bookings. Another question has been, why can’t music start at 8pm!
Most acts will do a 45 minute set with a break of 15 minutes. Most Members
don’t arrive until after 8 and quite a few leave around 11 to catch a bus home.
Most Members are happy with the present arrangements. We will consider any suggestions as long as they are signed and in the Comments Box.
On Friday 28th June we are Hosting a Charity night in aid of the Stroke
Association. We would gratefully appreciate any donation for the Raffle. If you would mark them with STROKE and my name, so we don’t get muddled up
with Lyn and Dave’s Raffle on 8th June. Many, many thanks!!
SATURDAY 27th April…………………..Andy Kennett…sings Elvis and more.
That’s it for now!!
Sandie M.