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Since the brilliant Beryl stepped down as “Quiz Governess” the fortunes of the quiz might have been a bit up and down but I believe it has steadied a bit now, fingers crossed!
A brilliant core of quizzers have been turning out regularly and I’d like to think they are enjoying what is on offer but we’re a bit short on numbers, so please - if you used to come and then “fizzled out” with COVID, Winter or whatever, OR if you haven’t been yet and fancy giving it a go, do come along to the next one. It’s a fun, non-competitive evening and very relaxed.
Typical rounds include a selection from General Knowledge, Food and Drink, Science and Nature, The Arts, Literature, Spelling, Sport, History and Geography, Picture rounds, Anagrams, Dingbats, Family Fortunes, Film and TV, Music …….. the list is endless! Teams of anything from 2-6 welcome.
By tradition we don’t quiz in June but we’ll get going again in July when I hope we’ll see lots of new faces (and perhaps some older ones too?)
Come and join us on July 10th for an 8.00pm start - I look forward to seeing you in the main bar, pens at the ready.
Sue Hume